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Welcome to my fly blog!

I am going to share with the world my favorite spring creek flies, and methods for tying them. Along the way I will try to share some flytying hints and possibly some small opinionated rants and raves about flyfishing. My patterns have been developed on Depuy’s, Armstrong’s and Nelson’s Spring Creeks; all located in Paradise Valley south of Livingston, Montana.

As a long time Montana Outfitter and Guide, I have spent over 500 days guiding and fishing the famous spring creeks of Paradise Valley. These patterns represent my time and research on the water, and have been proven over and over for many years. You may be able to find something totally new on these pages, but like all fly patterns, most of mine are just adaptations from the innovations of previous fly-tying masters (and novices).

These patterns all fill a separate niche in the arsenal a flyfisherman needs to be successful; not only on the Spring Creeks of Montana, but any stream that contains selective trout.

Tight Lines,

Lee Kinsey

Winter 2010

Spring Creek Fly in Action!

Spring Creek Fly in Action!

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