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Spring Creek Techniques . . . The Book

John and Suzanne Mingo are long time residents of Montana.  I have had the pleasure of getting to know them over the past few years and have the privilege of tying many of the flies they use while fishing the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks.  John has developed some unique methods for catching selective and difficult trout, he has honed his skills by spending untold days amongst some of the toughest fish on the planet.

He has written and excellent book describing and detailing his techniques for tricking selective fish to eat one of our imitation insects.


This book is the definitive textbook to teach techniques to catch difficult and pressured trout.

John and I have modified some of the tried and true time tested patterns to come up with a new flybox of innovative flies to consistently deceive selective trout, whether they are lying in Depuy’s Spring Creek, the Missouri River, or in your backyard.

This book is available online, but please contact me if you are interested in a signed copy that includes a free fly….. I still have some remaining copies available.

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